Real Estate Investment In Usa

Real estate investments: why invest in the USA with Opisas

Andrew Carnegie argued that almost all millionaires in the world have become millionaires thanks to the real estate market and that the money made through it is the equivalent of all other investments combined.

A consideration as strong as it is true.

Although today there are many ways to earn, the real estate sector still remains the most solid way.

Wealthy people take advantage of this market to increase their profits and earn huge sums of money.


The benefits of a real estate investment in USA are manifold.

The first, and perhaps the most important, is that there is no age to start with.

A market, therefore, that does not discriminate against anyone.

The second concerns income: in American jargon it is called “cashflow”, that is, a constant income that is not affected by any external factor.

The third is that the real estate business is based on tangible assets.

Unlike, in fact, shares or cryptocurrencies, for example, real estate is the primary asset par excellence: everyone needs a house and this makes it a solid market, protected from novelties that can burst in a soap bubble.

Following this, another advantage is the tax one. In Italy, as in other countries, taxation is relatively low. The reason is to be found in the difference between the cadastral income (on which the tax is based) and the actual value of the property.

Again, one of the most considered pros in this sector is the detachment from the “time-work” model, ie from the concept that to earn money it is necessary to invest your time.

This is the case for a classic job, but not in the real estate market.

This is the goal of every investor: to produce fixed and automatic income without affecting one’s lifestyle. A profit made out of passion and not out of duty.

Furthermore, to start investing in real estate, no capital is required, as even a simple mortgage aimed not at the house you buy to live in, but the one that can generate income through a potential rent, is sufficient.

Finally, the advantage that gives the real estate market an edge is that of being able to guarantee a financial freedom that a traditional job does not allow: being able to devote one’s time to passions without limiting earnings.

All this, however, cannot be achieved without knowledge. It is necessary to inquire in order to succeed in this field. Alternatively, you can rely on professionals in the sector who make investments their entire world, experts who guarantee important earnings like those of Opisas.


The main reason for the success of Opisas is to be found in the results obtained, the result of an immediate, very high return after a short time from the investment of its customers.

All this is made possible by a series of factors synonymous with efficiency.

As for the numbers obtained by Opisas, we note:

– Over 295 million in rental income;

– Over 3,000 business partners around the globe;

– More than 600 events organized around the world;

– 18 offices on 3 different continents;

– 13 years of experience;

– Over 3,800 properties bought and sold.

In addition, the net annual income ranges from a minimum of 6% to a maximum of 11%, with the addition of the revaluation.

Opisas is the only company to possess the real estate purchase process certificate in the USA.


Among the various sectors of the real estate market, there is one that is extremely consolidated and which guarantees many gains: real estate investments in the USA.

The leader in this area is Opisas.

The reasons why it is convenient to invest in the United States of America are many and can be found, in part, in the management of the investment itself by Opisas and, on the other hand, by the continuous growth of the real estate market in the area, as well as by the laws and the US organization with respect to the industry.

In concrete terms:

– Ability to identify urban areas that can guarantee greater profitability and with interesting prospects on the development front;

– The bulk acquisition of properties that are then renovated, redeveloping the entire neighborhood where they are located;

– The property managers (i.e. the local partner) take care of all bureaucratic issues and search for tenants themselves;

– The latter are evaluated by Opisas on the basis of careful criteria established by US standards;

– The properties are offered at a market price lower than 30%, despite the fact that they are properties that generate immediate income;

– The eviction in the USA is effective after a maximum of 34 days from the moment of the tenant’s default.


The main advantage is to be able to earn quickly and well.

Opisas has identified, in this specific period, remunerative conditions in various properties in urban areas of the USA such as Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania, for example.

In addition to the immediate income, it is impossible not to take into consideration the lower prices compared to the classic market. Opisas allows its customers to be able to keep their investment for 5 years before reselling it, with a capital gain of up to 5% per annum in addition to the lease.

One of the company’s trump cards is to get to know your client in depth, with particular attention to the typical needs of each professional category that faces the world of investment in the United States.

In this way, it is possible to create a comfortable area that embraces the perfect legislative, financial and tax innovations.

The assistance from true professionals for those who make international investments is total, until the project is completed.

Both with regard to the administrative area of ​​the individual property, and for the accounting one.

Furthermore, highly qualified legal advice is guaranteed when investing in US property.

A novelty that only Opisas offers is that of advisory, a package that includes:

– Dedicated staff;

– Full access to documentation;

– NAV calculation;

– Fully dedicated online area;

– Detailed reports.